Wild and untamed , Ventotene is a small volcanic island just forty kilometres away from the coast of southern Lazio. In pair with the islet of Santo Stefano and some rocks, Ventotene forms a small archipelago within the larger archipelago of the Pontine Islands.

Sea and Nature

High coastlines offer fascinating views in every direction. Rocks and sandy beaches alternate along the coast. Booking an organised boat trip or renting a small boat in the Roman port are both highly suggested options to explore the island .

Ventotene place of History

Inhabited since ancient times with the name of Pandataria - from the greek "giver of all good" - the island is home to numerous archaeological sites belonging to many different eras: from Imperial Rome , of which traces remain visible in the Roman Port and Villa Giulia, until the Bourbon era and the sad pages of the Fascist era , during which political  dissidents  were exiled on the island . Among the numerous political thinkers, the famous Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi, authors of the Ventotene Manifesto For A Free and United Europe .

The Bourbon Prison of Santo Stefano

Just one mile away lies a beautiful islet on which stands the imposing Santo Stefano Prison . Built in 1797 by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, it was in use until 1965. A highly evocative place , the prison has seen incarcerated many illustrious prisoners , including former President of Italy, the socialist Sandro Pertini (incarcerated by the Fascist regime), and Gaetano Bresci , the killer of the Italian King Umberto I.

The Village

The tiny houses of Ventotene are a mosaic of colours . Here the yellow bright facades alternate with the blue of the sky. The island has its own simple yet unique architectural style .

Each tiny street and square offers rich glimpses of island life , offering visitors the opportunity to savour its relaxed and laid-back rhythms .